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Moving From Ejaculation Addiction to a Fulfilling Sex Life

How healthy semen retention can empower you as a man

Men are ejaculating themselves to death. Most expel their precious life juice every day or even a few times a day. Almost all men do this without understanding how much energy they lose and what effects this energy loss has on their bodies and other areas of their lives.



Jacuzzi, Flames and Threesomes

A glimpse into my crazy party days

There are three naked women dancing on my coffee table. I’m on my back a few meters away, naked on a white feather duvet at the fireplace, cigarette in one hand and a glass of vodka and ice in the other. Their sexy bodies move to the rhythm of the music.



Connect With Your Cock!

Be noticed as a man and enjoy more pleasure during lovemaking

Can you energetically feel your penis? Can you, without looking at it, without touching it, without contracting any muscles, just quietly sit and, by going inside, feel it? If you can’t — and most men can’t — then you are disconnected from your cock. Sounds serious? It is, but the good news is, that it’s easy to restore that connection.



Sex is My Calling

And how it became my job

Lovemaking is just magical and has been a passion of mine for decades. Perhaps even more than a passion … a calling? I see how that might sound a bit up my own ass, but hear me out. For me, lovemaking is arguably the most stand-out experience humans can have, where we can experience such bliss, magic, and ecstasy no other area of life offers.