5 Life-Changing Benefits of Semen Retention

Make your choice of where and how you spend your energy

Men are not thriving because most of them don’t know just how much energy they lose every time they ejaculate, nor are they aware of the fact that they are probably addicted to ejaculation. It is the most common addiction in men, yet it became normalized, and so nobody questions it.

  1. Become the best lover you can be
    Semen retention makes men better lovers because they will last longer in bed, which allows their partners’ bodies the time to reach their orgasmic ability.
    It’s a fact that the female body, compared to the male body, takes much longer to reach its orgasmic state — the level and depth of sexual arousal where she becomes orgasmic. Once she is there, she can surf that orgasmic wave for a long time, but it takes a while to get there.
    If the man ejaculates after 5, 10, or 20 minutes, ending the lovemaking session, her body will not yet have reached its full orgasmic potential, especially when we talk vaginal orgasms. She is just starting to warm up. If he can hold his sacred juice for longer, they can, together, enjoy the ride of their now joined orgasmic states, which can bring on many orgasms in a row, or just feel super yummy and sexy and fill both bodies with sexual energy.
  2. Deepen the heart connection with your partner
    It greatly improves the heart connection and relationship with your partner.
    When the guy can hold his ejaculation and make love for much longer, something beautiful happens: there is more time and space to relate to your partner. You can stay in connection with her and keep eye contact, as you both enjoy the journey of lovemaking, rather than rushing to an end destination. Just the fact that you are spending more quality time together in your bodies rather than in your heads, is a game changer. You see each other in deep vulnerability for a much longer period, which increases the love, empathy, and depth of the connection and therefore the relationship.
  3. Experience orgasms without ejaculation
    It allows men to have orgasms without ejaculating and be multi-orgasmic.

    Through the practice of semen retention, over time, the man’s body learns that ejaculation and orgasm are in fact two different things. The man redirects the energy of the ejaculate to the rest of his body and still experiences pleasure valleys and peaks during the lovemaking session. The body slowly unlearns the habit and experience of pleasure-peak (orgasm) equals ejaculation. A new and different body memory and body knowledge are instilled. Just like any new habit or practice, over time, it becomes second nature and the man can experience many orgasms during sex, without ejaculating.
  4. Be driven, motivated, and full of energy
    Semen retention allows men to use their energy for other areas of their life, like money, career, family, friends, etc.
    Spilling semen daily, or too often causes men to lose a lot of energy. The term for it, ejaculation hang-over, speaks to the wide-reaching effects that ejaculation has on our health and energy levels: It can leave men depleted, even depressed and it takes a while for the system to ‘recover’, while it pours a lot of energy in reproducing the semen that just left the body. See also “From ejaculation addiction to a fulfilling sex life”.
    If the man learns how to balance and manage his ejaculation frequency, immense amounts of surplus energy is available to him, which can be utilized for work, hobbies, creativity, sports, relationships, etc. This can be easily done for example by changing his frequency of ejaculation from once a day to once a week. By experimenting with the frequency he will find how much time between ejaculations is optimum for him personally.
  5. Be more present in life
    When men become more present in themselves and their bodies, they become more present, aware, and conscious of everything around them.
    The practice of semen retention requires presence. Being in tune with your body and the energy that is running through you and how it affects you is a prerequisite for being able to practice semen retention or conscious ejaculation choice. You have to become conscious. This consciousness will naturally ripple out … and you will become more conscious of and connected to the world around you because you are practicing being conscious and connected to the world inside you.

The easiest way to start is with your self-pleasuring practice (masturbation). If you like to last longer in bed, make yourself last longer when you self-pleasure! If you ejaculate after seconds or minutes when you play with yourself, why would it be different when you make love to someone?

Photo: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash