Self Study Course

Price: $297

This version of the 21-Day Sexual Mastery Course is self-study, with access to all the course material and recorded zoom calls from past group-guided-courses.



STARTING 8 November 2023!

Guided Group Course

Price: $297

This is a Guided Journey of Empowerment and Freedom for Men Only, with access to all the course material and 4 zoom calls with your guide Lenerd Louw.



One-on-One Guided Course

Price: $797

This version of the 21-Day Sexual Mastery Course includes all the course material and 4 personal one-on-one zoom-sessions (each 1-hour) with your guide Lenerd Louw.



Students’ reviews

“Lenerd’s enthusiasm and unbridled joy exemplifies what is possible if we understand how to connect consciously with our sexual energy, and learn to exercise that energy within our body rather than expel it. 

Through his embodiment of the practices, Lenerd creates a lively and supportive container infused with the beauty of masculine energy. This course offers an accessible initiation into the powerful potential of masculinity that is deeply transformative. I leave with a distinct understanding of sexual energy and watch in wonder at the unfolding of a new, empowered way of being. 

I’m in deep gratitude for Lenerd’s generosity of spirit and wisdom garnered through his wide and wild travels, taking him across cultures, through modalities and into the self. 

Thank you, brother, you are an inspiration.”

Andrew – Cape Town



“I just completed Lenerd’s 21 day course and I found it to be quite profound.

 I got more in touch with the fact that I am a man and what “maleness” means.  We as a society never really talk about male sexuality and there is this myth that men just want to have sex all the time.  In fact, we don’t really talk about our mental health or any other issues that men face and this was a great open forum to do that which was amazing.

 I began to become aware of energy and how I give it away in a number or ways and not just the obvious way during love making.  This awareness has led to changes in how I live and I will continue to change things to retain more energy as I age.

 I also found beauty and laughter in the world again – it was as if the little boy in me was calling me – I have missed him!  Noticing the morning dew on the grass and sunlight and the sound of birds!  Beautiful.  Not touching my phone first thing in the morning was the key to discovering these delights right in front of me!

 The morning exercises were tough at first and now they are part of my daily routine.  The breath work in particular and moving energy over my body is amazing and I practise this as much as I can.

 I am so thankful for these 21 days.  By taking part in the practise, I got so much more out of it than I thought I would.

 Hard to believe but by not ejaculating for 21 days I now know that my relationship I have with the world and all those in it, only has to do with myself and nobody else.  Tremendously empowering knowledge when you know there is nobody to blame or congratulate other than me!

 Thank you Lenerd and brothers.

 Much Love and Respect.”

Craig Ross – Cape Town



“This course has shown me the power of ejaculation control – I had no idea how much energy I was just expending, instead of being able to put it to better use. My eyes have been opened to a new way of living! For some time I have also been looking for a deeper connection when having sex, not just the superficial westernised way of it, and I was on the right path to it, but this course has helped me understand a lot more in depth, and how to actually go about enabling that deeper connection while making love. Thanks Lenerd!!”

Oliver (23) – Cape Town



“The 21 day challenge really showed me how addicted I had become to using ejaculation as a stress release. Now I am learning to channel that energy in more constructive ways. I am  also excited to be learning to shift sexual energy during love making and self pleasuring to other areas of my body – a fantastic journey to be on. Lenerd gave us his all during the course and his experience in these practices is so valuable to all men interested in furthering their sexual awakenings.”

Craig – Cape Town



“This 21 day course is a metaphor for life.

Its essence for me was about energy retention way beyond sex and highlights how shame and addiction to instant physical and emotional gratification drew me away from my inner truth.

I realized that my body and heart has the ultimate integrity and should be trusted more than the constructs and conditioning of my mind.

I’m looking forward to get back to unraveling and claiming more of my body’s secrets to take me back home.”

Heine – Cape Town



“Thanks so much for presenting this course. It was absolutely incredible. Not only did I immediately see unbelievable results in longer love making, but it also affected my general state of mind and understanding core issues that I had. I will most certainly be taking this forward and continue this journey. Also telling all my friends. The support from all the other brothers on the course was also great, and the insight from women you interviewed was super valuable.”

Prieur du Plessis – George, Southern Cape Coast



“Lenerd’s enthusiasm and teaching about conscious choice of ejaculation has resonated beautifully with the deepening of my sexuality as I approach my 60s. While I have yet to master a prolonged period of non-ejaculation, the course inspired me to shift my focus from an obsession with genital stimulation to pleasuring my whole body (and being). As a result, the 21-day course culminated in a memorable whole body, non-ejaculatory orgasm via a lucid dream. I feel invigorated and curious to explore more!”

Dion – Wildernis, Southern Cape Coast



“Hey Lenerd. Thank you so much for being my guide on the 21 day orgasm mastery program. These 21 days have helped me to become more focused, energised and grounded. Your daily videos were very insightful, authentic and entertaining and I now feel I have a much better understanding of ejaculation choice and how to work with my sexual energy in a conscious way. Much gratitude.”

Doron – Australia



“Things are changing in my life. Especially relationships with women. It is as if I am not doing anything but women react differently. The most striking for me is how women get attracted to me, you know, I am an introvert personality. Actually almost all the points from your benefit list, one by one, start to pop up.

Even your point: “People will be drawn to you for business and creative collaborations” is true. I received several offers for collaboration in the last few days, to be part of workshops and circles.

So I’m really looking forward to a next course!”

Radoslav – Prague



“Thanks Lenerd. Energy is building. Had sex with my wife 3 times last night – she came each time.  I didn’t – I am amazed I could do that!”

A – Cape Town



“I’d love to share that after 5 days I feel some beautiful inner transformation. I feel open, not driven, more natural in my sexuality, clearer, stronger….thank you brother Lenerd.”

Dieter (70) – Germany



“Hi Lenerd! I wanted to send you a huge thank you for the amazing work that you are doing to help men become more conscious of their sexuality and use it as a force for conscious empowerment and strength and in some cases move away from the addiction of ejaculation.”

Oli – Cape Town



“Halfway through Lenerd’s course, I’m getting a clearer sense of the impact that low consciousness masturbation and ejaculation has had on me. And wow, it’s been everywhere!
In my current space, interactions with my wife are super-charged. There’s a lot of positive energy moving between us.
I also feel more positive engaging urges to do more. Mostly around the home, but even in simple outside-of-home experiences. And I feel better for it. Lighter. The urge to be better and to do better feels more omnipresent and encouraging.”

Bruce – Scotland