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by Peter Noble

JUMP! An epic SOUL and sex adventure
by Lenerd Louw

 Number Two Best Seller on Amazon! (Spiritual/Religious/Travel)
& Literary Titan Silver Book Award December 2019

Lenerd Louw is living the life on Millionaires’ Row in Clifton, Cape Town. As successful CEO of an insurance company and part-time playboy, he appears to have it all – gorgeous women, threesomes, ecstasy and cocaine on demand.

But something doesn’t feel right. There’s an emptiness and sadness, deep inside. He tries to drown an inner voice that’s urging him to change his career, life – everything – by partying harder. By the end of December 2012, a massive inner shift occurs. He resigns his job, steps out of the life he’s been living and books a one-way ticket to Lima, Peru. With just a backpack and a heart full of questions, Lenerd embarks on what will become an epic five-year journey, covering five continents and 35 countries, in search of meaning, fulfilment and true connection.

Jump! is a phenomenal true tale of personal expansion and awakening.

Lenerd Louw follows his deeper calling, jumping off the plateau of comfort and indulgence, into the deep unknown. What he discovers is magical.

Readers’ reviews

The profound lessons shared in this book has made me feel like South Africa has found its very own Alchemist meets Jonathan Livingston Seagull, but on steroids!

Krystal Kolnik (Goodreads review *****)

Lenerd is captivatingly candid, a superb character and testament to what wonderful things are in store for men who are open to a more engaged, balanced and attentive approach to sexuality and meaning.

Shani (Goodreads review *****)

Calling JUMP! the male version of Eat Pray Love is not giving it nearly enough credit. Where Eat Pray Love is candy floss, JUMP! Is the molten dark center of a chocolate fondant.

Christa (Goodreads review ****)

If I was a woman I would be giving my lover a copy of this book to read as a prerequisite before commencing any sexual relationship.

Paul (Goodreads review *****)

I experienced every emotion reading this book, from laughing out loud to balling my eyes out.

Margot (Goodreads review *****)

This book blew me away! I couldn’t put it down, so surprising and brilliant. It takes one on a deep dive into the world of sacred sexuality and introduces the incredible ancient teachings in a fun, accessible read. I just want every man (and woman) on this earth now to read it!

Lenerd shares his journey in the most honest, real way. It’s for everyone! There is immense wisdom and life tools everywhere!

It held me to the very last page and I just wanted more!

EL Bullen (Amazon Review *****)

TV Interview after the book launch


Watch this live interview on National TV with Lenerd Louw author of JUMP! – Morning Life SABC2