The End to Slavery

A true leader is a visionary. A visionary goes into the future, sees how we are going to live, comes back and then lives that way as an example to others of how it’s going to be. Just by living that way, he/she invites others to do the same.

I’ve done that journey into the future…I’m regularly doing that journey…I’ve seen a lot of how it’s going to be…but for now I want to talk about only one of the things I’ve seen:

The End to Slavery.

Does anyone disagree that right now almost all of humanity are Slaves? Working long hours. So conditioned to see it as normal. Often not just the eight or ten or twelve ‘office’ working hours, but also in the evenings attending to emails, messages, etc. until late…just to wake up early to do the same.

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Relatively soon, we’ll only work on average three hours a day…the rest of the day at leisure…to do what we desire…walk and be in nature for an hour or two, make love for an hour or two, socialise, connect, lovingly mindfully prepare and eat food for hours in ease, just be with ourselves for as long as we want, have time to be in full presence with the beauty of everything around us and in wonder at the magical mystery of it all.

Why wait for that to happen…start living it now. Some are already doing it. And the structures are fast changing to make that even more possible. The writing is on the wall for the big corporations…especially the greedy ones, which are most of them. Small entrepreneurial businesses and people have been chipping away niches of their block for a few years now. Covid has shifted this dynamic even more rapidly, facilitating that to happen faster. Responsible AI (artificial intelligence) development and implementation will dramatically shift it even more. And there will be lots more environmental and societal disruptions of all sorts happening pretty soon that will break down the old structures even faster.

But don’t wait. Think creatively…when you do you’ll find the solution to earn double per hour what you are earning now…to start the process take your salary/earnings divide it by the number of hours you work in your current setup…you’ll be shocked by how little that is per hour and how easy it may be to double that ‘hourly rate’…but hey be honest about that number of working hours!

Then buy/consume half of what you are currently doing. Stop buying and consuming all that shit to make yourself feel better. I believe most people can comfortably buy/consume 90% less…including fancy house and fancy car payments/costs. But start with 50% less if the anxiety is too much for the 90%

So if your double the hourly earnings and you half the spend, you’ll easily end up with a quarter of hours needed to work a day…Hence the only three hours of work a day!

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I hope I have inspired a few people to free themselves from Slavery.

I claim my power, as a leader, as a visionary:

To help bring Heaven to Earth.

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