Successful CEO’s/MD’s – Still feel like you are missing the BIG picture: The Five Fundamentals to Fulfillment

Are you what the world would call ‘successful’? Successful in your career, business and life. Or so it seems from the outside to everyone, but you can feel a shift happening within you. Do you feel something is not right, something amiss, there’s gotta be more? Is there an inner voice speaking to you, but you can’t hear it clearly?

This is what happened to me seven years ago when I was the successful CEO of a direct life insurance company. Prior to that I had a lot of fun doing what I was doing – as CEO and Founder of 1Lifedirect Insurance Company; as Marketing Director launching the brands Budget Insurance, Dial Direct, 1st for Women Insurance and a few others into the South African market; and in the UK as Senior Manager Operations for the Budget Insurance Group (

When this shift started to happen, I had absolutely no one to speak to about it and went through very deep waters. I eventually resigned, sold and gave away all my possessions and bought a backpack and a one way ticket to Lima in Peru. This started a five year and 35 country journey of learning and awakening around the world, where I expanded into a deep inner sense of peace and a very high appreciation and enjoyment of all of life.

BUT; you don’t necessarily have to sell everything and go on a world journey to find fulfillment, as it was, in essence, an inner journey. Here are five pointers that will help you:

– As Eckhart Tolle says; your inner body is the gateway to your higher self and your spirit. Regularly take a few minutes out, close your eyes, sit still, try to feel your inner body, breathe it in, sense it. It helps to visually explore the inside of your body, your organs, the muscles, the inside spaces. The more you do it the more you feel, the more it takes you to an inner silence, the more it connects you to your higher self.

– Connecting, feeling, expressing and releasing your emotions allow you to feel more alive. We have been conditioned not to feel or express our emotions. When you feel something don’t suppress it, drop into the emotion, feel it deeply. Then express and release it. There are a number of emotional release tools that you can use to express and release the emotions.

– Being connected to your sexuality, is vital for living life fully and accessing your creativity in all aspects of your life. It does not just mean better sex, it permeates all aspects of your life. The clear life-force energy that runs through you connects you with your creative genius, which you can bring into your business and personal life to take you to the next level.

– You are so much more than your mind, connect with your heart. By only accessing the intelligence of the mind, we are limiting ourselves big time. There is so much innate intelligence that originates from the heart. This is backed up by modern science (especially in Dr Joe Dispenza’s work and research), which has measured the massive magnetic field that is created when the heart center gets activated. This will allow you to tap into your intuition and wisdom and further increase your level of decision making.

– We are only really at peace when we live our truth, our true nature, our purpose. That’s why it is so important to drop deep within. To explore what we are about and what we really want. From that place we can then bring our gifts to the world, feeling fulfilled, at peace and excited about ourselves and everything around us.

I am a Coach, a Magician, a Wizard if you like – I work in the realm of manifestation and intuitive wisdom and take the journey to another level by witnessing it and keeping people accountable. I help people find out what they REALLY want and help and support them to get what they want, desire and aspire to. I also help and support them to avoid what they don’t want.

Photo by: Kristopher Rolle on Unsplash