Lenerd Louw being interviewed by the World’s Mayor, Joshua T Bergman


Why are men’s circles important?
Why are we not being taught how to make love?
How do men become multi orgasmic?
Why is this so important?
How damaging is porn to a healthy sex life, or is it?
Why is it so important to last longer in bed?
What to do if you or your partner do not want to have sex?
If you gay, bisexual or fluid are you welcome and safe on Lenerd’s men courses?
And in these cases what general advice can you give regarding what to do or ask before joining a men’s or woman’s group?


I love what you’re about I love what you

represent because in my eyes the truth

and the message that you deliver brings

healing and and it and you create a safe

place for men to talk about sex and

sexuality not in a locker room perverted

sense but in a very healthy mature way

I’m super passionate about that you know

for me to sit in a circle or sit in you

know video Zoom call

Circle and be able to express what they

you know feel deep inside and share

ideas and share experiences and share


vulnerability uh there aren’t many

spaces for that and I find that is just

super amazing the moment you create that

space and I do that with that 21 day

journey of mine one is actually starting

now 8 November very soon and uh yeah so

we have four Zoom calls and then we sit

and the guys sit and we uh you know like

go through the discussions and it’s

amazing the learnings you know that

comes out of that um because you know

it’s there’s so much fear guilt and

shame around sexuality and at the moment

you start talking about it and sharing

then all of the stuff come up um yeah

and there’s so much about love making

and and sex that we don’t know about

that no one has ever taught us about you

know um why is

you know you learn algebra at school and

you know you learn how to play rugby or

soccer and basketball and you know so

but no one ever tght teaches you about

love making which is I find super

fascinating and when you start talking

about putting stuff together and say how

can I get men to uh drop deeper into

their their love making potential and

people are like wow that’s interesting

you know why would you need learning

about that but but but but you do like

with any any skill like with any you

know art you know you need a bit of

practice and you need to to learn a few

basic things and I think the reason to

answer your question I think there’s so

much guilt shame and fear around

sexuality that has been totally

suppressed and that hasn’t come out

really um it’s not it wasn’t comfortable

for people to talk about it but I think

that’s changing luckily

now how how do men become multi

orgasmic yes you know so so we always

hear the thing that but women are

multi-orgasmic and then as men aren’t

and and it’s it’s

absolutely uh not true uh so men can

become multi-orgasmic by learning to to

breathe energy up in their bodies so

when you get to full arousal and energy

buol in your growing area then often

what happens is it you know it it SPS

out there but if you learn how to

breathe the energy up how to expand the

energy in your body and you learn what

call ejaculation Choice ejaculation

control seen

retention then you start feeling a lot

of experiences through your body a lot

of Sensations through your body and you

start having these other can call it

orgasms or you can call other Sensations

through your body which is not just the

ejaculatory orgasm and that be become

like women you become like feel all the

sensations you become multi-orgasmic you

could also have with your genitals this

this experience of ejaculating but

without the SE semen coming out so you

can have this orgasm without ejaculation


then 2 minutes later can have another

orgasm without ejaculation now if you

ejaculate it you would go soft

immediately you would lose your

erection and it will take you a little

bit of time time to get that direction

back what they call the refractory

period you know whe it’s depending on

your age whether it’s you know half an

hour or an hour or a day um but if you

don’t ejaculate then you contain that

energy within your body and you can have

this multiple orgasms which is often you

know what women women go through um so

I’m super passionate about this Joshua

to get that out there and I mean it’s

just this is we just touching on one

area of sucess ity and of Love Making

now but this is so important for me

because very few people know about it um

and the one big thing that this does is

it extends the period that you make love

and the reason that is so important is

that as a man you AR within you know 2

three minutes and get an erection but

for example you know let’s talk about

women now it takes them 15 20 minutes

just to heat up you know and for them to

get into their gasmic St St so therefore

it’s quite important for a guy to last

longer it’s not about pressing different

buttons and what of the different spots

in G Spot and you it’s not a technical

thing just if you can be there and you

can make love for a longer then your

partner goes into a orgasmic State and

can CH enough orgasms and and it’s not

just about the love making that is that

is then so much more enjoyable it’s also

a deep connection that happens because

now it’s not just a 2 three minute

encounter where you look in one corner

of the room and see other and it’s 2

minutes you know as opposed to when you

have make laugh for 20 minutes or an

hour and you have eye contact you know

can just imagine where that takes the

relationship so it’s a deep heart

connection that happens

also how damaging is porn

to a healthy sex life or is it I think

it’s very damaging I really do believe


um um you know the thing with

porn is that it takes you out of your

body into your


yeah exactly you’re going to this whole

mind space you know with porn and then

you when you’re with your woman or your

man later on you’re actually not with

them in the experience you are now in

the movie in your head so now instead of

feeling each other’s bodies and

connecting with each other’s bodies

you’re actually playing a movie in your

head of what the porn do that you

watched so it takes you out of the the

the experience that you’re in and out of

the body experience um and it also is

really really damaging as far as

ejaculation is concerned because most of

the know the the porn movies is about

the what they call the money shot you

know the C shot you know the ejaculation

shot you know and it encourages guys to

to come fast so now you watch porn you


self-pleasure uh and you come in within

two minutes and then you do that every

day now you’re with a real life woman

with flesh not the screen

woman you’re going to come in two

minutes why would it be different you

know and that’s where the premature

ejaculation or coming too early come

from it’s you know porn is teaching you

to run sprints and then when you’re with

a woman you are more running marathons

you know so now Sprinter goes to this

engagement with a woman in a marathon

engagement but he Sprints and two

minutes later he’s finished and the

woman is waiting for the marison

Renner that makes so much

sense I didn’t even I’ve NE okay I’ve

heard all of the the

spiritual I’ve heard all of the

psychological I’ve heard all of these

explanations but you were the first

person I’ve ever heard explain it that

way it makes so much sense

what do you say for

people that that are in a relationship

and they’ve kind of now they’re starting

to go through in a bit of an Awakening

for themselves and they start to realize

that they’re not really the same they’re

not really


and it sexually physically or even what

their desires are but yet they’ve got

children they’re in a committed Rel

they’re they were in a committed


but now they’ve realized that they just

want something different sexually but

everything else works for them what

would you advise a couple uh that that’s

in a situation like

that wow that’s a really tough one

um okay let me answer it directly not

trying to be politically correct or

anything like that you know but my view

is that for a relationship you have to

have love and sex for a relationship to

last uh you have have to have love sex

and if you could put a romance in even

better um and that you can’t have

relationship long term just with sex

without love and vice versa the bottom

line for me is actually to to to

suppress your sexuality in the space um

especially if the one partner doesn’t if

both Partners doesn’t want it I suppose

that’s fine then it it continues I think

it’s still sad because I think having

sex and love in a relationship is

amazing but I think when there’s this

disconnect as I understand you correctly

Joshua where the one wants and other one

what doesn’t then I think it’s kind of

the end of the relationship you know and

I mean that’s just my personal space on

it unless you can find where you can

bolt that desire so I don’t think you

just call it quits immediately you can

actually go and do some stuff and that

person that doesn’t feel a sexual desire

can do you know there are workshops

there’s a lot of stuff that one can do

and see whether depending how much they

love each other but they want to make it

work and if they can do that then great

but let’s say the bond person is like

NOP I’m not into this I’m finish sex in

my life um then I honestly my view is if

you suppress this

sexuality you you’re denying experience

of your life you know are you going to

live then for the next 20 years without

that sexual expression

um you no you can separate and still

have the kids and everything and and

still have a

beautiful relation relationship not

necessarily romantic and sexual but go

your way you know and have separate

relationships um so my my my my state

space is that you know we on this planet

to with bodies we here to experience

life and sexuality is a big part of it

so my advice would be not to not to walk

away from that but to to experience that

or to to lose that gift especially if

you feel it bubbling up in your system

and you feel wow I want to express this

then to suppress that would be very sad

well because it doesn’t go away it

doesn’t go away that is% right

you all you want but that shit’s not

going away exactly you’re right brother

and it’s just going to pop up in

unhealthy ways or different ways

eventually you’re going to cheat at your

partner or other stuff is going to

happen you know so 100% you know it’s

just you’re not going to you can’t wish

it away and and why would you you know I

for 30 something year uh not 30 yeah 30

about 30 years I prayed my sexual tried

to pray my sexuality

away it didn’t go it just got worse like

it became it got unhealthy because I was

trying to run from it trying to suppress

it every time I had a desire I would

shame the [ __ ] out of myself and I’m so

fortunate that I have a partner and

Jessica that I can be brutally I can

just be honest like I can just be myself

and there’s no issue it is so

comfortable and so safe for me that

everyone out there that is cheating that

is sneaking around that’s doing all

those things I’m telling you there’s a

better way for you you just got to be

honest I mean if you’re currently

cheating on your wife or your partner

and I mean that may cause some

complications when you tell the truth

but I’m telling you they’re gonna find

out the truth eventually anyway sure you

might as well just tell the truth

because if that is really who you are

and it’s really what you want honesty

will bring you what you want truth in

the same way truth will attract your

tribe the only way to really get what we

want is to be honest about what we want

I love that Joshua I love that man I

love that example of yours no so do you

want to stay wanted to stay in like the

space where you’re not honest and then

you don’t have this experience or do you

want to move into the space of where you

are honest and what you have with

Jessica now which is you can be your

totally yourself so that kind of then

means for the previous question that you

asked is that in some cases that means

it’s the end of the relationship and

that’s okay you know you can go separate

still in life it doesn’t have to be this

disaster fight nightmare situation um if

you can’t be yourself in a relationship

why be in it you know 100% and another

thing too here’s my experience and I’m

not and I’m not trying to stereotype

women here at all at all but I’ve

believe this and I could be wrong but if

you’re feeding a woman’s love language

if you’re giving her love and you’re

giving her the things that she

needs you would be surprised what they

would women would say yes to like you

would be surprised that they want to

become that fantasy woman for you or

they’ll they’ll Ro play or they’ll play

they’ll do the things that you want you

want a finger in your butt okay you

could be honest about it but if you’re

feeding her love language and she feels

loved and she feels


yep you got your ride or die right there

because I don’t believe women are as

complicated as men make them out to be

at all I mean they have basic needs that

we need to

pH totally agree I think we’re much more

similar than than than different I

really believe that and being honest and

being open and you know women love that

if you’re just open with them what what

you want and you’re honest it’s amazing

what you know but you you’re direct and

you’re open with it you don’t try to get

to do it in other ways just be open and

direct but also I love what you’re

saying about love you know this if they

can see it comes from an open heart and

from love uh tell you your woman is open

to to almost everything you have you’ve

you’ve started something new right don’t

you have something you’re about to

launch yes yes uh I’ve got a 21-day uh

uh online course call it sexual Mastery

or gmic Mastery 21 day and it’s going

out now on 8 8 November and oh Joshua

it’s I’ve done it two times before so

this is the third round um and it’s a

guided Journey you know so we there 20

guys so and it’s not too big a group

there only 20 guys or so 20 30 Max and

uh it’s 21 days of no ejaculation no

watching porn for 21 days you get videos

on a daily basis um and we have our Zoom

calls four Zoom calls the one Zoom call

before day one and day 714 and 21 then

we as group of men come together and you

know it’s share in those in those in

those circles how it’s going with the

course what’s the difficulties and and

the guys learn from each other so it’s a

beautiful sharing on that basis and

there’s a few agreements on that place

like as I say the the no ejaculation the

no watching porn some breathing uh stuff

you do in the morning you know you do it

independently but it’s you you agree you

agree to these agreements 2 three four

agreements um and yeah now the the

testimonials that I’ve had out that is

amazing the C are blown away you know so

much more than sexual Mastery and and

becoming multi-orgasmic it’s that also

but it’s also led to people and their

heart connections with their Partners

going to another level it’s led to men

you know selflove you know it’s learn

you know you get to learn how to

self-pleasure masturbate you know uh

differently it it’s basically just

talking talking through it you don’t

never have to get naked or just to be

clear on that or or self P Zoom call or

anything like that

I so don’t worry none of that no circle

jerk on Zoom is what you’re

saying question I had this question

other day and I thought [ __ ] I must just

make that clear so it’s not but I’m very

clear about wow most men know don’t know

that you can actually self pleasure by

touching your arm and your face and you

don’t have to go to the genitals

immediately so for example that is in um

but there’s also a lot about the why the

purp and what you want to get out of it

um it’s also about sexual energy

Transportation how you can use this

energy that I’m now building up and use

it for areas in your life for business

for projects you know the Think and Grow

Rich book of Napoleon Hill you was right

to about sexual energy transportation we

also look at that so so it’s quite

wide what I want okay I’m going to ask

you something and I I’m only asking from

my perspective because I used to be in

this situation

and I feel that I should ask because

well this

is because I I I I I get

messages from people privately so I know

that this is an issue a lot of men

especially men that are more fluid

sexually and like or they’re bisexual or

whatever it may be they’re still

masculine they’re they’re masculine but

they’re by and they they enjoy men and

women both but when it comes to

when you’re for me being and I I

consider more fluid than the actual lab

label of bisexual but in my experience

when it comes to male bonding it’s

always very

uncomfortable because of my own

insecurities around well if they know

that I’m fluid sexually or I could be

attracted to one of them they may treat

me differently and not welcome me and

not be part of the tribe because you’re

homo or your you know because of the

stereotypes that gay men have by men

have what what in an environment like

this it’s a male group we’re looking for

male bonding and it’s not sexual but

it’s about something sexual and sexual

transmutation so I’m going into this

environment as somebody that’s fluid

sexually that I could be attracted to

someone in the group but I’m not going

there to hook up I’m going there to get

well sexually what does someone like

what can you say to somebody that’s

interested in being a part of a group

like this or any other men’s a treat

alpha male group whatever it may be that

may be sexually fluid or bisexual or to

the straight person that may judge

somebody that is bisexual coming into

the group what do I I know I just

butcher that question but I think you

know what I’m trying to say

what kind of advice do you have for

someone that is not the straight alpha

male that’s wanting to go be a part of

an alpha male

group that is so important so in my

groups I’ve had bisexual fluid gay guys

also in the group you know and I

sometimes use the heteronormative

language about male and women and woman

body different but I often talk about ma

male and male and I just thought my I’m

very open and I say guys I’m not

experienced that I’m I’m quite

heterosexual but I am I believe and by

and obviously bisexual men this is huge

huge importance for that you know that’s

the beauty if you put a lot of men

around a circle and it’s just men and

it’s you create a safe space for for

sharing and vulnerability you’ll be

astonished about the open the guys are

so the straight heterosexual guys are

super accepting you know

yeah so it it’s fascinating so I almost

just want to put that message out not to

be scared to come to a Ben circle like

that if you’re bisexual or if you full

on gay you know and and not even wi it

doesn’t matter it’s about sexual Mastery

sexual Mastery is not just making love

you know to man women it could be women

women it could be you know so and the

stuff we’re talking about in terms of

you know ejaculation Choice applies as

much as making love to a man as to a

woman you know so so I want to just put

it out there that you know and I

understand that that there sometimes it

could be a bit of a fear and a bit of

uncomfortable is oh wow I might get a B

detached there but in these circles and

my circles definitely not everything’s

welcome and everyone is welcome and

whatever other stuff I I want to talk

about I always say everything is welcome

any energy never mind the sexual

orientation anything else is welcome you

know this is not just about pure

beautiful roses and love you know we we

guys can share anything they want today

and I know it’s getting better but

there’s so many people that live in fear

of being honest because of these men’s

only groups or women’s only groups and

if they’re a little bit different it’s

hard to know how do I fit in so a lot of

people are not willing to go be a part

of these groups even though it would be

a huge blessing for them because of fear

so I’m grateful that you answer that

space but not everybody is like you man

like you have you’re a special unique in

individual you really are Leonard I I

I’m I’m that this is why you’re back

like I’m a fan of you but not everyone

has your attitude so if

someone is looking for a group and maybe

they don’t know about you and of course

they will because of this interview but

in other other interviews you’ve done

but say somebody that doesn’t know who

you are and doesn’t know that that your

group is safe for them what are some

questions that a man or woman could ask

before joining a group like that that

would help them feel safe those things

you mentioned you know who’s welcome

here what are your views on on on on

that what type of circle is it uh

straight off I’m I’m bisexual would

would that be a problem in your circle

or am I going to get judgments I’ll I’ll

be just very direct about it um uh yeah

it’s crazy man is crazy this world we

live in I must I must tell you though

maybe because I I suppose a lot of it

what i is in a spiritual circles and a

tantra cires and and a I I tell you I

find very little of that honestly I felt


openness uh on on any not just sexual

orientation but but gender flu flu

fluidity uh it’s amazing I mean these

groups and I find very little Prejudice

in in the spaces that I encounter but I

do get it that traditionally speaking

yes some maybe conservative groups or

Bible groups you might have that but I

would just address it directly I would

say listen he man I’m I’m a gay guy can

I what how is your circle is it with

that I’m going to get judged there or is

it something that it’s uh that includes

it and and does your work also include

gay people and do you also talk about

that can you also to add value to that I

think asking the direct questions is

super important oh I I I that’s that’s

the perfect advice I think and you know

in America is a little bit different

we’re not as mature about sexuality yet

in fact I think that gone the opposite

direction of maturity um but I I love

that answer because that answer being


is the universal answer for everything

if you ask me um I I really do

appreciate that answer I it’s because

again there’s a lot of people out there

that are just feel so alone and they’re

not they don’t and they don’t have to be

and you know and it’s there’s

more I don’t know I I I’m excited that

things are starting to change and like

in some respect the pendulum has swung

so far the other way that it looks like

it’s never coming back like there’s a

level of

insanity that has gone on with some of

the sexual identity stuff and and the

way that it’s heavily marketed and

forced in people’s faces in America but

that said I do think it’s getting better

and um but it all comes down to truth so

I just I really love that Leonard I um I

I always love talking to you I love your

Insight I love your wisdom I would love

it if you could you know take the last

final moments plug your new the new

course uh plug your website plug your

social media plug anything you want to

promote and any last words you want to

share the floor is

yours oh thanks thanks brother yeah I

think the maybe to share the link of the

of the course starting soon uh it’s it’s

open right now and the first Zoom call

is in 8 November so that’s the one thing

I’m quite passionate about it what’s the

website name uh so this Lenard low.com

oh okay your personal website my

personal website yeah and under the

online courses is the the courses lying

there but I think if we could put maybe

the link straight in the

description yeah so I would love to have

more guys and especially American guys

on my on my on my International it’s

from Hong Kong to Europe to wherever I

had a few California guys last W to have

more yeah I’d love to have more and uh

and uh yeah so that’s the one course

that I really feel passionate about and

it’s guided it’s self study there but I

guided is so much more powerful so I’m

looking forward to put a nice group of

guys together I was in festivals in

Europe now presenting in uh in

Switzerland Poland Amsterdam and turkey

and um a few guys that were on the uh in

the Geneva part of of of it already

signed up you know so so we got a nice

International crowd French Swiss guys

that’s on on on going to be on the

journey with us so cool yeah yeah it’s

super cool and it’s not even going to be

an International Circle jerk on Zoom

it’s going to be an

actual exactly sorry that shows my

maturity sometimes oh that’s beautiful

life is life life is is fun man I I’m

such a fan Leonard I I’m grateful for

the work you do because it it creates a

safe place for people like me to I mean

I’m pretty comfortable being honest

about where I’m at but not everybody is

and I but I know that if you can make

someone like like me feels safe that you

can do it for others and and I don’t

trust many people especially in regards

to this subject um but you to me are one

of the good ones you have an amazing

story which if you ladies and gentlemen

if you can watch the last interview I

did with Leonard uh we get into his

story he knows what he’s talking about

he’s been there there’s no judgment it’s

a safe place and he knows what he’s

talking about and you can learn a lot

from him so I highly recommend you all

check out his course on his personal

website which you’ll be able to find the

link below and Leonard thank you thank

you thank you for your time man oh

awesome Josh thank you brother it’s

always so much fun talking to you and uh

yeah wonderful thanks thanks AOL and

thanks for the beautiful work you you’re

doing in these podcasts it’s it’s so

cool well I appreciate you sir thank you

very much good luck on your course

thanks BR bye


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