Join host Marco Bolder as he delves into the wild world of human sexuality with South African CEO-turned-sexuality coach and author of ‘JUMP! An Epic Travel and Soul Adventure,’ Lenerd Louw. From traversing 5 continents and 35 countries to uncovering ancient sexual rituals and modern insights, Lenerd brings a fusion of masculine wisdom and provocative exploration. Tune in to unlock the secrets of spirituality and sexuality in this bold, unfiltered journey that few experience.




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I have a former CEO and accomplished

author whose passion today is teaching

men and women about sexual health and

its relationship to business money and


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this is the boulder Zone the fusion of

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your host Mark Marco Boulder

my guest today is Leonard Lowe a CEO who

left his corporate gig in Cape Town

South Africa after a major business

shift back in 2013.

he embarked on a five-year very personal

journey of self-discovery he explored

five continents in 35 countries where he

dove into the different aspects of

spirituality sexuality and personal

growth through various initiations and


he then authored jump an epic soul and

sex Adventure back in 2019 he won the

literary Titan silver award after it

climbed to the number two spot on

Amazon’s spiritual religious and travel

category in 2020.

Leonard’s passions lies in conscious

business practices and unashamedly

embracing sexuality

his vision is a world where people can

confidently integrate both masculine and

feminine aspects regardless of gender

for a deeper dive into his

transformative Journey here he is

Leonard Lowe Leonard how’s it

uh awesome cool Walker it’s so great

talking to you man all good thank you

for coming on the show buddy let’s begin

before your big Trek around the world

what was your life like as a CEO in Cape

Town and what caused you to give it up

yes this was in 2009 I was running an

insurance company in uh in South Africa

up until then I really enjoyed what I

was doing and then at a point uh around

about 2009 I just had this you know it’s

so so difficult to explain but it was

just this internal shift that happened

to me where I just started to realize

there’s something else I want to do with

my life

I started getting a bit bored with the

work and uh I just felt there was

something new out there

and uh it didn’t make any sense uh Marco

so I tried to distract myself from that


yeah with a lot of

drugs sex and jacuzzis that took me four

years of that you know just to try to

distract myself from that in according

to to shift into into something else

and then after after about four or five

years of that

I surrendered and I resigned as CEO and

and also yeah it was the voice of the

inner shift just told me it’s time to to

clear out or clear out all of the old

and allow for the for the new to come

into my life so that’s a very brief

short summary of that time in South

Africa between you know 2009 and

2013. I mentioned in the onset five

continents 35 countries did you have a

major goal in mind or or what inspired

you to make this pilgrimage

uh yeah no girl at all just massive

confusion I thought I’ll go and start my

journey go out there and take a few

months off and maybe go up to New York

and look at new businesses and see

whether there’s something else that

interests me and then this thing totally

changed I thought it was this maybe just

go out and take some time out and and

the journey totally changed it just

became this journey of of Awakening this

journey of of learning I spent a year in

South America in 2014 the first year but

yeah then it just rolled out into 35

countries over five years yeah

aha moment in your journey or you

started to find these answers that you

were looking for

so what so what I had definitely in Cape

Town is that you know as I mentioned

before I had the four years of really

trying to distract myself from this

inner calling to to expand into

something different into my life and

that was still still in you know the CEO

of insurance company and one day in 2012

I was walking on the beach and and I was

on this beautiful setting you know

beautiful you know turquoise water and

white sand and Table Mountain behind you

it’s this beautiful setting but I

couldn’t see the beauty in it and after

five minutes I went I can’t see the

beauty man and I went home called some

people had a party but but on that walk

I I realized uh I’m in big trouble and I

realized I was always always loved

nature I always laughed being in

elements and the beauty of this planet

and how pretty I couldn’t see it I just

realized that I’m so disconnected from

nature I’m so disconnected from myself

um and that then led to


you know me going overseas and starting

this journey going to South America

without knowing what I’m jumping into it

was very much a jump into the unknown I

had absolutely no idea but then in South

America I got sick with parasites and

that led me to and I tried to treat that

to us antibiotics and stuff like that

and I very quickly found out you know

antibiotics don’t kill parasites but

that led me to a shamanic guy that led

me to energy healing to emotional

release and that started a whole process

of meeting people and that started the

inner journey and that then developed so

that then was was the aha moment when I

was there in Guatemala in a beautiful

Village called San Marcos and I just

realized that’s where it really dropped

in and I then just opened up to to

everything else I started realizing you

know before I was like

you know

I only believed that what I could touch

and then the energy for me was a woo-woo

thing and when I was there I really

tapped into that and you know doing some

workshops and and I just really opened

up to it it was really just opening up

and questioning everything

and allow all of the new to come in and

that that didn’t just float from there

these workshops that you attended were

they locally based what were those about

yeah that’s right and so in Guatemala

it’s basically when I was trying to get

rid of my parasites uh I made the crazy

guy and he told me about uh another lady

that living around the corner and she

told me about workshops that are

happening around the world so yeah all

of it was residential none of it was

online it was all residential workshops

that I would go to in different

countries and I was just following you

know what was happening wherever and it

was all over the world India also and

yeah so it’s residential and yeah it was

just uh you know following the

breadcrumb software the next learning


these sound like amazing experiences

especially this one you outlined there

in in Hawaii I’m interested in hearing

about how you’re folding them into a

business mindset that was one of the

things that you promote on your web it

is being able to take this experience

what they can learn from you what people

can learn from you and applying it to

different Avenues to include business

can you explain that a little bit

yeah yeah it’s it’s such a big part you

know now if you start a business and if

you create businesses and you create

projects within businesses


often it’s kind of done a little bit

unconsciously where you’re just like a

Year’s idea and you go with it

um so what I really believe where we’re

moving into we’re moving into a world

where things are created from the heart

space and from a love space

um and you know this is not just you

know hippie talk or who who talk I think

the the scientific and the science is

coming very closely connected to this

now is that everything is made of energy

and if you create something with a

specific kind of energy uh when you

create it afterwards it will consist of

that energy and your energy is to

exploit and and you know as opposed to

maybe what what value and what greater

can I bring to the world and it can be

profitable nothing wrong with that but

does it come from a collaboration point

or exploitation point of view so yes I

think that is super critical

um and it’s not just critical for for

it’s good for the is good for Humanity

to create businesses from hard space

it’s also from a business Point very

important because if it comes from that

energy then it is where we’re all moving

towards it it consists of that higher

energy and we now see around the world

that these old style businesses that are

based on exploitation are falling apart

think it’s quite visible that this the

structures and both um in business and

even in in countries and politics and


um that old school thing is falling


is making way for the for the new higher

vibration so your chance of succeeding

is going to be so much better if you

build it from the heart than if you


one thing that I read that I thought was

really intriguing was the sexual nature

of what you teach and what you show

people we know that a strong sexual

relationship is crucial

what do you teach beyond what is out

there now that is different from what

they can get out of an average book to

improve relationships and in personal


oh yo beautiful Marco yeah so maybe I

can start with maybe a little bit from

my story and that is that yeah I was you

know you probably heard this the term

multiogasmic man basically that happened

to me 20 years ago already and I was

already then in business where I was

starting to

have orgasms in my body without

ejaculating and there was no one to talk

to in in those days you know like it’s

not in business in a boardroom you’re

talking about ejaculation you know it

doesn’t go and you know men don’t really

talk to each other about sexuality in

any event so there was no one to talk to

about any of these but when I was on my

journey around the world I came across

Tantra and taoism and and I then

realized that this has been a practice

this is a practice that has been in

place for two three thousand years you

know the taoists and the tantrics in um

in India and in China

so I suppose what I’m what I’m bringing

Just One of the aspects what I’m

bringing to the world is exactly that

part and it’s it’s not new because it’s

thousands of years old it’s just that it

very few men and very few women know

about it many very few people know that

orgasm and ejaculation are two different

things and you know once you start

realizing that and you start practicing

it’s a full-on game changer it changes

so many things not just in your in your

sexuality in the way you make love but

also in your in your life there’s so

many benefits to that and sure we can

talk for for ages about it well I really

want to to bring that in awareness of

people because I don’t know I think two

or three or five percent of the of the

population knows about this and I want

to in the next five years

but at least half the planet to know

about this and you know whether they

practice it or not now I call it the

practice of ejaculation choice you may

have heard about it on on internet semen


those are one of the aspects you know

that that’s quite important but then

it’s also broader and deeper because in

relationships it’s

it’s bringing bringing that forward but

specifically you know

ejaculation toys it allows you to laugh

for so much longer so it means it’s not

just that you have and your partner have

so much more orgasms and have so much

more fun and pleasure running through

her body and her body and your body but

it also means now you’re instead of

having five minutes together there

you’ve got an hour together we look into

each other’s eyes and you experience it

it’s other you know it just it takes the

relationship to just another level

I know that you outlined this in your

workshops in your book in in much

greater detail but if you could give us

a high level look at what that

experience is that you captured this

multi-orgasmic experience

yes that’s basically you know so so in

essence most guys ejaculate you know

every day or a few times a day or every

second day either with my love making or

with with self-pleasuring or


and in essence what it what it means is

it it

you know you go into what they call

ejaculation hangover period you know

you’ve got two three hundred million

sperm cells leaving your body with each

ejaculation and that really exhausts you

it really makes you tired

and then the lovemaking experiences

is also there relatively short because

the moment you ejaculate you know that’s

the end of the game you know you as a

man you know you kind of lose a little

bit of interest and you brawl around to

have a have a good sleep and that’s

perfectly fine because you’ve so much

energy has left your body so how it

would look differently then is that you

can get to the point of close to

ejaculation and rather than that energy

spilling out from your groin area you

can now breathe it up into your body

um and it it’s actually very simple and

super simple and easy it’s just putting

the intention there of spreading it

through your body breathing it up to

your heart into your head and then it

stops you from ejaculating because the

energy is now spread throughout your

body it’s not just focus on your on your

groin area and that means you can make

love for a longer period and you know as

men already was in 36 30 seconds you

know we have a 60 seconds we have a

erection enough for women to get into

the multi-orgasmic State you know it

takes them 15-20 minutes even to warm up

you know just to warm up takes them

15-20 minutes generally speaking you

know and then only after that do they

get into orgasmic state so so therefore

laugh making you know it’s shorter than

20 minutes

it’s it’s so different than love making

of of longer than that and even up to an

hour where you can really spend this

time together with deep connection look

into each other’s eyes experience the

the Deep you know almost spiritual

experience of love making that comes

with that thing

I can imagine that if a man or a couple

comes to you with intimacy issues and

you teach the man

these techniques what he needs to do how

that could

in itself just through him a change the

whole sexual dynamic in his household

but let’s say the female is having

issues with orgasm or intimacy can she

come to you and talk to you about that

and can you give her some insight on how

to make that better

yes and also just also with the main

just a point on that marker with the men

also it’s it’s so important for that

they then also talk to their partner so

when they do let’s say this practice of

ejaculation choices rather than opting

with they their partners are very much

it’s not a solo practice they they do it

together with their partner if they

don’t have a partner it’s fine they can

still practice it you know with their

self-pleasuring masturbation and so on

you know they can still practice all of

that but yeah so differently with

couples and with with women you know

also I mean with them because I’m a man

it becomes you know very natural to talk

about some of the things with men and it

can relate uh but yeah nervous women


that’s good to know and folks you

definitely want to get his book because

he goes into greater detail in how to do

that moving back to your journey in

getting through all of this you have had

to have some real highs and lows can you

tell me first of all what was your most

ex amazing experience on the entire trip

on the entire Journey

that stays with you today

wow that is a really good question Marco

um sure there were many but I’ll I’ll

just pop in talk about what this is what

has just popped into my mind now

and that was

in one of these six days residential

experiences in

um I think this was in Australia yes it

was in Australia I did a spiritual

sexual shamanics level two kind of six

day Journey there and in one of the days

we did a ritual

um dropping into into your your feminine

energies uh you have a brother day the

day before and the day after that we had

a uh a sister day you know and this is

men and women so

um day before the you know everyone

going through dropping to their

masculine energies you know so whether

you’re born in a man or in a woman body

we all have masculine and feminine

energies in inside us uh yin and yang

all of that

um and yeah it’s all cool to know that

in your mind but it was fascinating we

did this ritual there in

in Australia and

close to Baron Bay and I just dropped

into my deep feminine energy and my dark

feminine energy and it was fascinating

it was like a really profound experience

and it is it’s so difficult to put this

in words because this is very much an

embodiment experience but afterwards

it was in God’s break and I went to walk

in the forest there and I could just

feel this crazy wild woman Inside Me and

now I’m a man I’m a South African man

you know which is South African you know

men and Away quite you know traditional

and very masculine but uh I also I could

just encounter my inner feminine and not

just the what they call the light

feminine but the dark feminine now I’ve

always known that my that my masculine

and a warrior dark dark masculine is

quite I mean I went to the Army in South

Africa you know it’s a pretty rough

Place Africa and South Africa so I

always knew my my warrior spiritus as a

man but I never knew about my crazy

fierce dark feminine energy so I mean

man this is this is quite difficult

concept to put through in words in about

I hope I’ve done it justice I can just I

can just um

that was a profound experience I just

felt it and I felt like this is quite

vicious I could I could I could

understand that you know for love that

this dark feminine would chop ahead off

for the sake of love uh yeah that was

quite profound that is fascinating

the dark feminine side sounds like it

could be almost as brutal as the dark

masculine side would you agree

oh for sure definitely Marco and in some


even more so

um in a strange way you know and it

comes from and people often understand

dog misunderstand dark if this if you

say dark they often think evil or bad or

so this is this is not in the in that

context this is in a context where you

know like like a mother you know what if

if her kids are being threatened you

know and for self-defense she’s going to

kill that person that’s that’s gonna you

know to save the kids

um so it comes from that space you know

just for you know for people out there

that might confuse the dark part to to

it it comes from that space and that is

pretty pretty Fierce yeah for sure are

you saying that there are different

triggers one that would trigger the dark

masculine as opposed to one that would

trigger the dark feminine

that’s a really good question


I don’t think so potentially could or

potentially could be but I think what is

important often is that I think but the

important point is that once you can

actually feel these energies you can


also bring them up so it’s one part

where you just get triggered and you act

on it another part where you feel like

now I have to drop into this energy

um to do whatever I need to do

um so I think I think that I think that

is the part is that actually if you

really start embodying it and you’re

feeling it then you know then I think

that’s that’s super cool I mean I’ll for

example I often use with the guys I

often talk to them you know to drop into

your feminine energies and then I just

talk don’t talk specifically necessarily

dark or light I just talk your feminine

energy as a man you know can you feel

your effeminine energies and I often say

to them and the guys go they get a

little bit confused you know because

they’re like oh wow man this is bit

weird but and I don’t understand why but

a big big benefit of that is for example

uh when you make love to a woman she’s

feminine if you know you’re only in a

feminine well then you you’re blav

making with her comes from another place

you’re much more in tune in intuition

wise so you can feel her feminine better

so when you make love and you know your

own inner feminine and you roll around

with her you actually know what’s the

next thing to do you know in the

lovemaking process


you know it’s as opposed to often the

guys ask okay why do I have to buy a

good lover that’s what I do you know

what’s Point give me the manual from

point A B C and D you know what what

points the three what points did buttons

to press and there’s actually so much so

much more

um so that’s an example of of how this

this could really help you in your life

today there are big masculine movements

magtow men going their own way red pill

are two big examples that are really

dominating the masculine mindset in in

what a masculine man should be

how do you square what you teach against

these new

fairly new trendy techniques and books

that are out there now

so mine is very much I keep mine

relatively simple and I don’t know

necessarily or the detail of of those

companies organizations you know in in

the states as such but um mine is very

simple and straightforward you know so I

I’m I’m very passionate about art

centered and truthful masculinity and

Unapologetic masculinity so from where I

come from is that you know I see Marco

especially the young guys coming into

this world you know almost


almost apologetic of being a man you

know so what I want to bring there is

the proud of being a man you know bring

that proud of masculinity back but the

hearts hit centered masculinity you know

not uh not the old school patriarchy

Macho masculinity

um which was some often often sometimes

unhealthy so the masculinity where you

are wow it’s good to be a man and it’s

and the word masculine is a beautiful

word you know sometimes it’s it’s almost

seen as a bit of a dirty word and I

think that’s where maybe where some

organizations are and I can’t talk

because I don’t know the detail of the

of what you’ve what you’ve mentioned but

I know there are some that maybe go

overboard but the guys go totally


um as in the reaction

um but I think what we there are so many

women out there that support what what I

do and what you do

um in terms of

for for men to really be proud of their

masculine part yes they drop into their

hearts but not to lose their masculine

part yes to drop into their feminine

energies and to feel themselves and

their emotions but I meant still to be a

man and you know still to be in the

masculine energy and I often have women

saying if I could be as director saying


um I I just I want my I want my man

still to be able to to [ __ ] me properly

yes I want him to be in his heart but I

don’t want also to be a over I want him

to be integrated with both I don’t want

him to be over feminist I want to be in

these emotions but I also want him to to

be a man and to be able to to [ __ ] me

properly you know so I don’t know how

that relate necessarily to the

organizations you talk about but that’s

very much where I come from

that is the major issue that we are

facing here in the states

the major push in feminism in that it is

almost denying the inherent masculinity

that we are born with men are almost

ashamed now to feel that masculinity to

act upon them for fear of being

chastised or being critical or be called

sexist or being blamed for the over

masculization of the past that sort of

thing so they’re hesitant and those are

those younger guys that you’re talking

about so how would you where the

femininity aspect against what you do

yo that’s crazy Marco like you know what

you just mentioned is absolutely crazy

and now so I feel very strongly to be

out there for men and especially for the

younger guys you know to say to them hey

man do your inner work sort your own

inner stuff out that’s super important

to you know to raise your awareness

raise your Consciousness do your inner

work but never never apologize to be a

man and never apologize for your

masculinity beautiful aspects of who you

are because that’s what women want women

that are really done their work and also

done the Deep inner Journey do not want

to emasculate men why the [ __ ] would I

want to do that because that would be

terrible for them for them to be in a

space where they have emasculated man

there’s absolutely no sense in that so

women that are really done their work

they want masculine mean I mean I come

across a lot of women that I’ve done

their work they work in uh in

spirituality and sexuality and and they

you know I’m doing a Tokyo neon in in

Geneva and it’s a beautiful woman that

that the woman is organizing it and she

says man we want our men we want to

celebrate and adore that strong

masculine energy

yeah so I mean I often say to the young

guys I’ll give you an example you know

some of the guys say well I dance with a

woman and then I get an erection then I

feel super embarrassed and I try to do I

did and I said no

nonsense you know

[ __ ] that [ __ ] if I can be so Direct

you you never you never want to put your

erection down I mean if it’s all in

consent and you I mean not and you have

the directions celebrate that direction

and that is actually a beautiful

compliment to the women and most women

can take it well if they have done their

work and they triggered uh an elsely

well take that as a beautiful beautiful

compliment now if you as a man as a

young man now trying to hide your

erection and try to stop it I mean

that’s terrible because now you’re

stopping your sexual energy flowing in

you know maybe a few years down the line

you’re still going to have a problem

having an erection so if you have an

erection you never want to stop that you

want to like celebrate that and enjoy


so yeah that’s a strong message for me

to the young guys and that’s something

that’s been a problem in society for for

decades that men think they’re not as

viral and they challenge they question

their sexual proudness because they do

get an erection too soon and it’s sad

that Society made that a lot of jokes

I think that these men especially the

younger men as as you’ve dressed really

need some solid Direction on exploring

and actually capturing their masculinity

and being proud of it it’s very

difficult nowadays with the pressures

that these younger men have in in

expressing that like I said before in

light of those social pressures that

these young men are are facing Leonard

what would you say to them to overcome

that and basically say [ __ ] it you know

[ __ ] you this is who I am this is how

I’m going to express myself I’m not

hurting anyone I’m actually becoming a

better person and trying to develop a

stronger relationship with whoever that

may be what would you say to those guys

exactly to do exactly that to drop into

their own masculine energy and be proud

of it and be secure of it and then that

often often means sitting in men’s

circles and talking to guys like you and

like me and a lot of other guys out

there that give them that confidence and

also talking to women a lot of my women

friends that says exactly the same thing

that’s what we need you know we need

strong masculine men in this world but

strong masculine meant that under hearts

um and that’s super powerful so I’m

saying to those guys drop into your

heart stay in your heart and I I mean I

have to understand what I mean if I say

that whatever you know in other words

feel the love in your heart you know so

come from a place of love and if you

know you’ve got we all got triggers we

all got wounds do some inner work you

know do some workshops do some stuff do

some emotional work on yourself because

we come in this planet with that having

to do that you know it’s just just the

reality of where we are in our Evolution

and our Consciousness so do that inner

work but from that space then very much

honor your masculine energy honor your

erection honor your viral energy

so that’s beautiful you know there’s

nothing wrong with that it’s amazing

I’ll give you an example you know we

often often often use this example is


if you see a beautiful woman you know

out there and if you look at us right in

the eyes and you just with our

generation and you say wow and with your

masculine energy you give up compliment

about your beautiful I tell you now 99

out of 100 women will love that or 90

out of 100 the 10 or so the minorities

that that wouldn’t are those that have

really have a lot of inner work that

they still need to do

so if you come from an open-heartedness

space with adoration and an Adoration of

the of the outer feminine I promise you

it will be received with a good way I

think where the problem is and that’s

where a little bit I think where things

like porn and stuff like that can change

that energy and I have seen it with

myself also you know often we walk and

then you see a beautiful woman but

you’re not you don’t have the courage to

look straight in the eye you wait for

her to walk past and then you look at

her and I think that’s the kind of

energy that is probably not so so good

that’s what we’re all gonna need to to

work on I think that’s the energy that

that woman wouldn’t enjoy

um but I’m giving that example to give

you the other example of like for the

guys out there to try that actually with

from a hard space look at a woman and

say that to her and see what’s the

reaction you know and they let us know

let us know what what you find but I my

experience as being is the the woman

just starts glowing and they love it

because it comes they can see it comes

from a beautiful authentic open space

and that’s beautiful there’s nothing

nothing wrong with that I think you’re

spot on Leonard with that the problem

that I’ve experienced and I’m sure

you’ve heard this as well is as I

mentioned before the influence of the

mainstream media the poor influence of

social media that is saying everything

to the contrary they’re pushing forward

that 10 of women that you describe

rather than the 90 percent the way you

described and I’ve seen that too most

women want a strong passionate loving

masculine man that’s going to chase them

around the couch once in a while

but they a lot of these women don’t have

that voice they’re not allowed to have

that voice especially on media because

it’s not

what the powers that be want at least

this country to know and I think it’s

important to have voices like yours out

there that encourage men this is not the

case that is a small percentage of

females that you’re seeing on these

YouTube channels that you know I’m a 10

and she’s a 10 and she’s a 10 we’re all

tens but all you guys are fives

this is not what is happening out there

in the real world and that’s the type of

message that we’ve got to get pushed out

to these men so they can build their

self-confidence again and not be

influenced that they need to have

exposure from men who get it who’ve

walked the path

yes 100 marker and I almost want to say

you know just to add to what you’re

saying there is that remember that

there’s often the minority that screams

the loudest you know so it’s like we

talk about this I believe I don’t know

what the percentage of two or five or

ten I don’t know what it is but I really

believe it’s a minority of women for the

guys out there to see the perspective

you know and everything is in social

media and it is like feels like 80

percent just no it isn’t 80 it is more

like eight

um because a lot of other women are are

not saying that and then I also know a

lot of women in my space this in in you

know South Africa Europe I don’t know

America that well but in a spirituality

sexuality space that are very vocal when

there’s a clip I did a few days ago was

uh a lady in in Switzerland that’s

inviting me to go and speak to a group

of men there uh do a workshop for a day

with men there and she was very vocal

about it she was expressed it even more

directly uh than than I did about that

so I’ll say you really want that you

know that type of masculine energy and

and just just a point you also make me

think about we could talk about

relationships earlier is that

the polarity in relationships and that’s

why women don’t want it you’re not

generally speaking women why would you

know for a relationship to work within a

man and a woman you know let’s just talk

men and women for now you know they need

to be polarity they need to be a

feminine and a masculine polarity and

yes it can be interplayed and you can

play different roles at different times

but broadly speaking there must be

polarity so if a woman is here and this

man and other side is not masculine

enough then it’s not enough polarity and

the relationship can’t work so therefore

women want guys that can be strong and

they’re masculine masculinity otherwise

their relationship is not going to be


yes we were put on this Earth with those

masculine and

femininity attributes for a reason

and to deny those or to repress those or

to over extend those are all serious

issues and not just impacts

relationships but impacts everyone

around you your your work Associates

your pets everything so exactly Leonard

let’s get into your book a little bit

this discussion fascinating and we could

probably end up making this a four-hour

show I maybe we do a part two but as far

as your book is concerned you have a

book that you put out called jump the

epic soul and sex Adventure

what can people expect when they read it

and what have you seen people that have

read it what have you seen them get out

of it so far

Marco let’s start with the last point

I’m I’m continuously surprised of people

telling me that their lives have been

changed by this book and and I’m not

exaggerating I

so the book itself is a memoir it’s

about the last probably like 10 years

the end of my life 10 15 years of my

life and it goes through the Journey of

this learning and Awakening

and it talks about it but in a very

light easy to read way you know I’m a

even in business days I talked I’m a

simple straightforward guy and I talk

plain language and the book is also very

much written in that in that way and it

talks about that with period in it it’s

a memoir so it explains what happens and

it goes through the workshops and the

things that that happened and the effect

it had on me

but in the book is also then because of

that a lot of pointers you know so as

you read the book you will see the

journey and the story but in that story

is a lot of pointers of different things

that one can do so what I find is that

people seem to see certain things

certain people see certain things that

they go wow and they get aha moments and

then they can dive deeper into that you

know the book is you know

that’s only you of what 250 Pages or so

it’s a five-year journey I could have

written a book 10 times 10 10 volumes of

that book you know it could also edited

down a bit so it’s got a very dense the

information is very dense

but yeah now it seemed to be quite a

good journey for people that are

starting to answer ask questions uh

about life about themselves about

the world around him seems to be quite a

book for them then to expand and explore


and this is the book that’s not just

focused on men women can purchase this

book and get just as much out of it is

that correct oh definitely no definitely

I mean I never saw this thing with men

like working with men as that’s

happening it it’s just recently that

some people have asked me and I can I do

these 21 Day online Journeys with men

where they take them you know 21 days

you know specifically just men but uh I

also yeah so that just started happening

recently but very much yeah now this is

a book for anyone it was officially

published in South Africa so it’s all in

all the bookstores in southern Africa

um but that might be a bit far for some

people it’s also on Amazon you can also

get a printed copy on Amazon and

um you can get the ebook and the

audiobook and you can also get it on on

my website and your

workshops are out on your website as

well so if people want to get into

greater detail of what’s in the book or

learn more in a one-on-one or even

online correct they can go to your

website and set that up

so that’s exactly the website is a good

starting point from the website you can

go into all this different social media

places uh it’s got a bit on the book

it’s testimonials you know or uh on the

book and on online courses

and from there you can navigate and

there’s also a lot of free stuff there’s

a lot of Articles I’ve written I love

writing it’s a few quite a few

interviews on my YouTube channel they

um yeah so it’s at Leonard loud

and folks we most certainly will have

that in the description below and we’ll

pop that up here right now for people to

take a look at if you happen to have a

pen in your hand but don’t worry about

it everything’s down in the description

Leonard Lowe it’s been a pleasure

talking to you today it’s very

refreshing to know that there are men

with your experience out there helping

people and young men specifically today

when they definitely need it thank you

for coming out of the boulder Zone

thanks Marco I really loved our chat and

look forward to to talking a lot more

much love brother let’s do that thank

you sir that’s the show folks make sure

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time thank you for tuning in you know

what to do get bolder


thank you