Sex is my calling

And how it became my job

Lovemaking is just magical and has been a passion of mine for decades. Perhaps even more than a passion … a calling? I see how that might sound a bit up my own ass, but hear me out.

For me, lovemaking is arguably the most stand-out experience humans can have, where we can experience such bliss, magic, and ecstasy no other area of life offers. It is here where we can, if we so wish, enjoy an incredibly deep connection to ourselves and our partner. It is here where I can get to know myself profoundly, while also meeting that which is much bigger than me — God, Void, Universe.

So, lovemaking became my main ‘hobby’ and interest. It called me more loudly than anything else.

Whenever I considered taking up kite surfing or cycling, the thought passed very quickly: for me, nothing quite compares with how fun, exciting and yummy lovemaking is and I wanted to have as much of it as possible in my free time. Being a guy, the question arrived of “how can I teach myself to make love for hours on end without having to pause for long times after each climax?”.

My research began. I didn’t research other men and how they make love. I simply researched on myself. And … could there be a research project any more fun, sexy, erotic, and exciting than sex? So, over many decades I made lots and lots of love, practicing my ‘craft’ and favorite hobby.

I taught myself how to, literally, last for hours in bed.

I won’t go into detail about the practices I taught myself for that purpose, but the broad strokes are semen retention and moving sexual energy upward and through my whole body instead of shooting it out during climax.

By now I’ve become a ‘learning master’ of my craft and my sexual experiences keep getting more and more wonder-full as I continue to dive deeper into the magical space of lovemaking.

Sex as my calling?

It did call me. While I answered the call quite late in my life (at the age of 21), I could not stop following it to wherever it would lead me.

From the beginning of my lovemaking journey, I didn’t only feel and experience myself, my body and my partner intensely, but I also strongly sensed my and my partner’s spirit and soul.

I met my inner demon and angel while also feeling a very deep connection to my partner and her spirit. From early on, I was totally blown away by the intense beauty and profundity of lovemaking.

I have always had a ‘special’ relationship with sex. For me, lovemaking has always been something very deep, intense, spiritual, and transcendental. It is also the art I have a talent for and consciously choose to spend a crazy amount of time practicing.

Over decades of sex as my main passion and interest, I learned so much! And all I did was follow my passion, or calling, which then turned into my main craft and mastery. Calling or not: sex is what I love, what I have a talent for, and spent lots of time ‘perfecting’. And … it is what by now has become my work.

Sex as my job?

Coming from a corporate career in financial services, I never dreamt of lovemaking becoming my work, but the fact that I spent so much time practicing my craft attracted much attention. With time, more and more people came to talk to me about their sex life and challenges and asked for advice.

I realized that most people have completely different lovemaking experiences than I have and that a lot of people or couples barely scratch the surface of what is possible in our sexuality.

That was a shock to me and it made me truly sad to think about what people were missing out on.

I started sharing, writing, and speaking about my experiences, my findings, and my knowledge so that more and more people can experience such deep, intense and connected lovemaking. This is my dream after all.

I believe we each bring a unique puzzle piece to share with the world. Looking back at my path with sex — how strongly it called me, the talent I have for it, how it showed me the deepest and vastest spaces of connection, how much time I spent with it, and how masterful I’ve become in this craft — I dare say that hours of long-lasting, deeply connected and transcendental lovemaking with pure presence is the puzzle piece I bring.

Image by Stokpic — Pixabay